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Love high intensity interval training (HIIT) in a group based environment?  Then the SpryFIIT program at Spry Society is just for you!  Regardless of your current level of fitness, it’s a great way to gain experience in functional training similar to CrossFit without complex barbell or gymnastics movements. SpryFIIT just works, ask our members!

What is SpryFIIT?

SpryFIIT is functional intense interval training that focuses on lighter weights and bodyweight exercises. SpryFIIT workouts are:

  • Fun – workout in a social environment and meet some great friends along the way.
  • Safe – Intense but not too intense, you’ll be guided by an experienced Coach
  • Effective – burn calories, tone up and feel and look better in your clothes.
  • Efficient – 30 and 45 mins class, allowing you to get in and get on with your day.
What Can I Expect?

Our classes range in time domains, variance, and the complexity, but are all led by professional coaches and occur in a community setting that has proven effective in delivering unparalleled results. It’s a great way to gain experience in functional training without complex movements. SpryFIIT is designed to burn fat, build useable strength and confidence. Are you ready for a functional, intense interval training (FIIT) program that will get you fit for life?


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